Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Web Site Gives Travelers Early Warning For Bed Bugs

FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's NewsCenter) --- Travelers who want to stay clear of nasty bed bugs can feel better about their hotel choice, with the help of those who've gone before them.

We're talking about an Internet resource that can tip you off in advance to potential trouble.

Star Trek made famous the phrase, "We boldly go where no man has gone before".

But oftentimes travelers would trade adventure for knowledge of what to expect on the road.

That's especially true, now that bed bugs are becoming a real nuisance in resorts and hotels nationwide.

The web site, "" can give you more confidence about where you're staying.

We typed in “Super 8” for Seattle, Washington, hit the “Check Hotel” tab, and the first of a dozen listings revealed five reports of bed bugs.

A note from management challenged one of the hotel guest reports, saying the room was immediately taken out of service and no bed bugs were found.

On the same page, it lists 43 more reports of bed bugs at locations nearby.

There's also a place on the site for guests to file their own reports, in case they've had an unfortunate run-in with the biting bugs.

Officials with the Fort Wayne agency called “Travel Leaders” say the site is not foolproof, but may be helpful.

Linda Jenkins/Travel Leaders, Vacation Travel: " I guess we didn't actually know it was going to be such a big problem, but it's increasing and the awareness of it is increasing, thanks to the press, so I suppose if it gives travelers peace of mind to have a place to go to check, that's a good thing."

A note of caution is in order for people who use the site.

It is spelled out clearly that the site does not check the veracity of bed bug reports.

You can click on the link to view the site for yourself.

By: Bradley Skierkowski

Sourced By: By Jeff Neumeyer