Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bed Bugs Bad for Dating

It almost goes without saying - bed bugs are bad, especially for dating. It kills the mood., a dating app on Facebook, conducted a study of more than 100 of its Facebook Page members on how the recent bed bug explosion is affecting their love lives.

56% of responders would leave their date if they noticed bed bug bites on his/her skin. 47% would ask if their date had bed bugs before going back to his/her place. 45% would cancel a date if someone admitted to a bed bug infestation. 35% have changed their usual dating spots because of a fear of bed bugs.

But one of the most interesting results is that "bed bugs" is the new "I have to wash my hair" excuse. 45% would use bed bugs as an excuse to get out of a bad date.

By: Bradley Skierkowski

Sourced By: By Mekahlo Medina