Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bed bug oven in a trailer: the Insect Inferno

Last Tuesday, a number of news reports from the Bed Bug Summit mentioned this product, the Insect Inferno:

It’s basically a heat treatment facility in the form of a trailer, which allows you to load your mattresses, furniture and other household items inside, so they can be baked to kill bed bugs.
People typically get trucks (or pods) fumigated with Vikane, but few pest control firms seem to be offering heat treatment of furniture and belongings. This set-up is promising for people who want to move out of an infested dwelling without taking bed bugs with them, and for decontaminating furniture and belongings during treatment.
I wrote to Corey and Sue Westrum (via the contact page on their website) to ask about the cost of this device and to ask about how many are currently owned by pest control firms and others.

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Posted By: Bradley Skierkowski