Monday, October 18, 2010

New York City Ballet bed bugs

Bedbugs have already exhibited their interest in film, having attacked several movie theaters New York City. Now the meddlesome insects appear to be expanding their cultural horizons and developing more high-brow tastes.

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts discovered a bedbug infestation in the dressing rooms of the complex’s David H. Koch Theater, home to New York City Ballet and the New York City Opera.

A spokeswoman for the opera, Maggie McKeon, confirmed the incident in response to an inquiry by The Wall Street Journal. The outbreak was confined to one dressing room, according to Rob Daniels, a spokesman for the ballet.

The outbreak was first reported by the New York Observer, which cited an Oct. 8 email from the theater’s managing director, Mark Heiser.

“Please understand that this is an epidemic,” Heiser’s email said. “Any signs of bedbug activity should not be considered a sign of an untidy house.”

Though the Koch theater is currently dark — the opera’s fall season is scheduled to begin Oct. 27 — it was occupied until Oct. 10 by the ballet. On Oct. 7, one day prior to Heiser’s email, the company used the theater for a black-tie gala attended by Sarah Jessica Parker, Natalie Portman and Jake Gyllenhaal, among others.

In addition to the bedbug outbreak at Lincoln Center’s David H. Koch Theater, the insects have also been found at the complex’s Metropolitan Opera House, a spokesman for the opera confirmed today.

The outbreak in a dressing room at the neighboring Koch Theater, home to the New York City Opera and New York City Ballet, prompted the Met to conduct “a check of non-public areas of the opera house,” the Met said in a statement. “Bedbugs were discovered in some isolated locations but not in any public areas. There was no evidence of infestation. Those areas identified will be treated this afternoon.”

The opera has been monitoring the lobby, auditorium and all public areas since August, it said, and the company will inspect all areas of the building overnight.

Sourced By: Associated Press
By: Bradley Skierkowski