Monday, May 24, 2010

Presence of 'bed bugs' inside buses troubles passengers

Presence of 'bed bugs' inside buses troubles passengers

Aizawl, May 23 2010: In what could be termed as 'troublesome' for the passengers boarding night and day bus services, numbers of bed bug on the seats of these buses have created uneasiness and troubled to the passengers.
This is probably due to lack of proper maintenance by the concerned persons.

The passengers who complaint about the presence of bed bug inside the buses were from Capital Travels and Network Travels, two biggest travel operators in Mizoram.

More complaint was received from the passengers who boarded deluxe buses plying to Guwahati and Shillong.

According to sources, even bus service in the state are also infested with the same problems.

One passenger said, "Due to convenience and a sort of relax, I boarded Deluxe Bus over Sumo services, but its complete restless as I have been disturbed all the way by bed bug" .

Meantime, tour operators are not to be blamed all.

Employee at the Capital Travels informed Newmai News Network that complaint of the presence of bug inside the buses was received since 2008 .

Though till now there is written complaint, but the tours operators have received numbers of verbal complaint regarding the menace.

"We are also at a loss.

We tried our level best to kill these bugs but we could somehow not succeed till now.

We also used various types of insecticides." According to Capital Travels, bugs were disappeared for sometime after spraying insecticides but they gradually comes up again after a week or so.

The same reason also goes to Network Travels who operates bus service to Guwahati and Shillong.

"We washed the seats clothes and cover with boiling water, sprayed insecticides and also cleaned inside everytime.

But after few days, they (bed bugs) spranged up again.

We are really confused." As has been stated, government and private buses in Mizoram are not aloof from this menace.

Though there is not much complaint on the presence of bugs, but their (bugs) presence are felt by the passengers.

In the meantime, it is learned that there are few prankster who played pranks by putting bugs at the cleaned buses as a matter of fun.

One driver said, "There is a limit, enough is enough.

Its not so funny to disturb passengers.

Its very sad that there are person who engaged in this type of fun".

It is learned that these pranksters are their co-drivers.

Meanwhile, State Transport Service (STA), who looks after motor service in Mizoram have said that they do not necessarily check and look the condition of buses servicing outside the state.

But they regularly check their permit, said sources.

Source: Hueiyen News Service / Newmai News Network